Thursday, 4 November 2010

Memory in Homestay Pelegong.

In History, the name ' Pelegong ' were taken by the action ' palu gong ' by the villagers. The word ' palu gong ' had been pronounced many times and now, it's called Pelegong. Interesting is'nt? Haha.

About 7.30, we were asked to have a assembly at our beautiful and lovely hall. Haha~ There's Pn Che Rozana giving some so called ' taklimat sebelum bertolak'. Then, Cikgu Norma ask everyone to make a line, put the beg aside. NAH !! Spot Check !

" Ahmad Nizar, Hisyam Asnawi dan Nawar Syamim, pegi check satu2 beg. ". And, one of our friend were ' kantoi ' by the cikgu. HE was bringing the cigarettes. So, he can't follow the trip to Pelegong. Pity him.

Then, we moved to ' bungalow jaga' a.k.a ' pondok jaga' to wait for the bus to come. about 5 minutes later, the bus arrived. From A to Z name were called to enter the bus. Started from Agil Kabilan, then Ahmad Nizar, then Amree Aiman, then bla..bla..bla.. until the name who started from Z lahhh... So lazy to type anymore.

That's all for now...
What a lazy man...

No lah, just joking!
Then, about 45 minutes journey. We arrived at Station KTM Tiroi. A very nice name. Haha~ Tiroi? Whatever. Singaporean!! AH! No need to elaborate more. Haha.

Then, we were bring by the villagers to Balai Raya Pelegong by their car (bmw).

Then, there was a breakfast. Very delicious lah! Forgot already what the food! Haha~

Then, we were having a class. ' Menganyam Rotan '. So intresting.

Hah! This is the result! Nice is'nt? Hahah..

Lunch Time. Very..very..very.. delicious!!! Ikan Keli masak sambal, ayam masak lemak cili api, Sambal belacan, sayur campur.. Hualammakkk!! Marvelous !!

Then, we started to hava a walk around the homestay pelegong. Very nice place. Cool.. Don't know how to visualized it. What a great alam! Allahuakbar.

First stop, kebun sayur.

Next, climbing the mount. Errkk!! Mount?? Haha.. Such a beautiful views!

Third stop, 'pusat ternakan ikan keli'

Fourth stop, ladang or kandang lembu. It sound terrible kan? Haha..

~~~ To be continued~~

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